Macmillan coffee morning

Although I didn't actually attend a coffee morning myself this year, I was asked by a friend if I would make a cake for a local school that was having one. Absolutely I said yes!
I try to do my bit for charity whenever I can,especially cancer support.
My mum had breast cancer a few years ago,she thankfully got through it and the support she received was immense, Ill be forever grateful for that. 

I decided to donate an 8 inch vanilla,chocolate filled sponge cake....

Layer cake with edible image cake topper

Along with 2 dozen cupcakes....vanilla and chocolate.

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes

And my coffee cupcakes...I know those chocolate coffee beans look like little eyes,that was an accident!

Coffee cupcakes

I was told afterwards that they sold very quickly and raised money,that makes me happy!
I hope everyone that attended or held a coffee morning had a fabulous time for a fabulous cause!


  1. I had a Macmillan Coffee Morning last week, it was great and for such a good cause. Can't say my cakes were quite as impressive as yours though but they went down well and I also made chutney and biscuits to sell at the same time!

  2. Hi. I love food blogs and a friend told me about yours and also "Cooking With Mr. C." on Facebook. I just "Liked" his page and came to check you out. It looks great. I love when people share food blogs with each other. Anne

  3. Coffee cupcakes are looks great. Great design and looks delicious.


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