Sage Scraper Mixer Pro {Review}

Every baker,whether it be the at home hobby baker or the more serious pro level baker...needs a good mixer. 
The mixer I've been using for some time is an old Kenwood and although its served me well,its certainly seen better days. So when I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to review the Sage stand mixer pro I literally jumped at the opportunity!
Not just because its a stand mixer mind you...but also because its by Heston Blumenthal,I love him...I do!
I love that he's different and his scientific modern approach hooked me from the first time I saw him.
So enough of that (sorry) on to the mixer!

Scraper Mixer Pro

On opening the box I was instantly impressed with the look of the mixer and knew it would fit right in in my kitchen. I noticed that the 4.7 litre mixing bowl has a handle,that my other doesn't have which makes it handy for pouring mixture into tins etc.

Also in the box are...

1. Wire whisk
2. Flat beater
3. Dough hook
4. Flexible spatula
5. Scraper beater
Along with a splash guard, an instruction booklet and tips and tricks from Heston himself.

I used the mixer for the first time today to make a simple vanilla sponge cake,I wanted to test out that scraper beater compared to the regular flat beater.
The scraper beater is designed to scrape the bowl for you as it mixes,eliminating the need to continually having to stop the mixer and scrape down the bowl with a spatula.
Here's how it went.

Standard flat beater
 You can see the mix has gone up the sides of the bowl and at this point I would scrape it down before further mixing.

Scraper beater
The sides are the bowl are scraped for me,cutting down mixing time by up to 60% and the majority of the mix is sitting at the bottom of the bowl.
To sum works and I think its a great idea!

The LCD timer is a great bonus too,it allows for very precise mixing with a timer and even has a pause function so that if you get distracted (which i do) you don't lose track.

It has an internal sensor that detects when you're using a heavier mix and automatically adjusts power to maintain the correct speed for you,I think that's amazing technology that I haven't of heard of in a mixer before.

The 1000w motor is quiet,and that's important for me in my open plan house,especially as alot of my baking is done at night.

It is admittedly a little on the pricey side at approx £349.99 but,its a great investment especially if its something you'll use often.
I could go on and on but all in all I have nothing negative to say about this mixer,I'm going to be using it ALOT and I highly recommend it to any baker or foodie.
There are endless hints and recipes on the Sage Website along with videos to help you along.

Heston Blumenthal
If there's anything you'd like to ask me please feel free!

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