Strawberry milkshake cupcakes

I've been thinking about making these for sooo long!
I have this habit of saying 'ill make that' and putting it off,something always gets in the way and it takes me an age to actually do it.
But,then on the spur of the moment ill decide 'todays the day' and thats how these finally came about.
The only problem was I had no Nesquik,
so immediately i sent my son a text and asked him to pick some up for me.
So i waited,not very patiently I might add.
It was late when I made them and that explains the lack of photos. The lighting in my kitchen (or anywhere else around here) is shocking at the best of times,so you can imagine how it is at 1am!

Strawberry milkshake cupcakes

The cases i used were terrible,you can probably see and so that's why I've sat them into another.

I was originally going to use the recipe from hummingbird but instead I decided to adapt a regular vanilla cupcake recipe.
The only thing I wasn't overly happy with is that the actual cake didn't come out pink as I'd hoped.
Though that of course didn't affect the taste.

I weighed the eggs and used the same weight of flour,sugar and butter.
(3 Eggs were 203 grams,i rounded it down to 200)
200 grams sifted self raising flour
200 grams caster sugar
200 grams unsalted butter or margarine
3 eggs
2 tbsp milk
4 tsp strawberry milkshake powder (I used Nesquik)
175 grams unsalted butter
350 grams sifted icing sugar
2 tbsp milk 
4 tbsp milkshake powder

Preheat the oven to 180c or gas mark 4 and line a cupcake tray with 12 cases.
Beat the butter and sugar together until it becomes pale and fluffy.
Now add 1 egg at a time along with a tablespoon of the flour and mix gently between each addition.
Mix in any remaining flour.
In a small dish mix the milk together with the milkshake powder then combine this with the cake mixture.
Divide the mix between the paper cases and bake in to oven for 18-20 minutes.
I use a 5cm ice cream scoop to ensure each 1 is the same size (Link below)
They are ready when an inserted skewer comes out clean and they spring back when you gently touch them.
 Set them aside on a cooling rack to cool completely.

To make the frosting,beat the icing sugar and butter together with a stand or hand mixer for a good few minutes until its very well incorporated.
Mix the milk and milkshake powder together as before and add this to the mix.
Beat again for another few minutes and you'll end up with a very fluffy smooth buttercream.

I piped on a swirl with the Wilton 2D tip and finished off with a cut down paper straw.
I didn't have edible straws to hand :( maybe next time!

I'd planned to top them with these....

But i'd waited so long to use them that they'd gone out of date!
That'll teach me to not put things off!


  1. Hi, I tried these yesterday and they are AMAZING!!! Thank you ;)

  2. These look absolutely incredible, I have been looking through your blog for at least half an hour almost dribbling at everything you make!
    Bea x

    Bea's Beauty Blog


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