A special sweet sixteen!

Well what a busy few weeks its been yet again.... there's always something going on in a house full of teenagers. Not that id change a thing!
The latest notable event (obviously besides mothers day) was my beautiful daughters 16th birthday.
She took great pleasure in telling me that she's now legally able to do some things that id rather she didn't!
1 of them being going straight out to buy her very first scratch card....and winning!
Only £1 but oh well :)

I had to make the prettiest cake I've made so far and I'm told I succeeded,thankfully!
I took rather a lot of photos so ill try not to go mad with them...here's a lot few...

Sweet sixteen birthday cake

I learnt so much in the course of making this cake,its my first ever even attempted 3 tier cake...
or a square cake come to that.
I had a few doubts about pulling it off,I wanted it to be great for the birthday girl but 
I'm really happy I went ahead! 

Sweet sixteen birthday cake

There's many a time I've attempted to make roses before,never being happy enough with them to put them anywhere near a cake! This time I think I did a little better,not perfect by a way yet but I at least used them this time. So something else learnt :)

Sweet sixteen birthday cake

Edible diamonds are new to me too,I originally wanted to use them on the top tier in place of the silver dragees but I just couldn't get them to stay put. I love them though and they fit perfectly with the sparkle theme so I ended up just placing them here and there.

Sweet sixteen birthday cake
Instagram photo

The top two tiers are chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache, Bethany's favourite and the bottom tier is a sturdy but lovely Madeira cake.
I wont flood the post with photos....I wouldn't want to bore you and I'm sure you can tell I'm just a little bit proud of this one! :)
Bethany loved it,lots of pink and lots of glitter and sparkle are right up her street.
Mine too,I really enjoyed making it!

I actually brought Bethany into the world on mothers day,what greater gift could I have gotten.
Shes 'my sunshine' I call her that because she makes me smile at least once a day.

little miss sunshine birthday card
My little miss sunshine
I hope all you mummy's out there had a wonderful day.
My lovely lot spoiled me rotten as usual with lovely gifts.

Beautiful rose
Beautiful roses from my son.


  1. This is gorgeous Paula! The colours are beautiful and I love the sparkle and edible diamonds! :)

    1. Thank you Vanessa... I've another 16th soon I hope that one is just as nice too! :) x

  2. No wonder you are so proud, its an AMAZING looking cake! I love the pink, I love the sparkly and I especially love the edible diamonds.

  3. Wow that is stunning! love the quilted effect.
    I wanted to let you know I've nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. Its a bloggers appreciating fellow blogs/bloggers award thing.

    cucpcake girl :)

  4. Aww thank you! How lovely....ill stop right by :)

  5. i love the cake very much.. im turning 16 and i look for a cake just like that


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