Celebration cakes...

Though I have been a little quiet recently on the networking side of things,
I have been baking as much as ever.
While sorting through the many.many photos I've collected along the way,I've come across a few cakes that I haven't shown you yet.
There's probably 1 or 2 here that you have already seen too!

2 tier birthday cake
BMX 13 Today Cake

This is my most recent cake,which I made for my son turning 13 just this week.
Yes thank you,I'm getting feeling old :)
Its 2 tiers of chocolate and vanilla sponge,filled and frosted with chocolate ganache.
 It's a little different from the cake i made last year!
Aside from a mixup with the printed topper,I'm happy with it.
Chris loved it and that's all that counts!

Bingo! 60th Cake
Bingo! 60th Cake

pink and white sparkle love you celebration cake
We Love You
 The above 2 cakes were both made for a special lady very close to us,at different times I mean!
Or that would make her greedy :)

Both are small vanilla sponge cakes...just simple really.
I forgot to remove the tissue from beneath the butterfly before I took the photo. Oops!

Ed Hardy Cake
Ed Hardy Cake

 This Ed Hardy cake was made for a friend,on very short notice...which is why it isn't exactly high on the details. But she loved it so it was a winner thankfully!
All chocolate for chocoholic Kerry.

Pink black jessie j birthday cake
Just be true to who you are

 This is my daughters cake for her 15th earlier this year.
The Jessie J logo was meant to be on the cake,but I totally misjudged the size and couldn't get it on there.
'Just be true to who you are' is a line from a favourite song.

world series poker theme birthday cake

world series poker theme birthday cake

This was made at the beginning of the year for an 18th.
Hes a poker fanatic and so it was an easy choice design wise.
This cake was HUGE and very stressful for me,it was so worth the effort when I saw his reaction!

Justin Bieber birthday cake
Justin Bieber birthday cake

Justin Bieber birthday cake
Justin Bieber birthday cake

 This is a cake that you may have seen before,it is by far the most popular celebration cake I've made so far which is why I'm showing it here again. Just in case you missed it :)
At the time,it was only my 2nd made tiered cake and I was very proud of it.
The birthday girl had happy tears!

I hope you like them...feel free to share!
Its nice to look at them in 1 place and see how I'm improving with every cake I make. That's 1 of the things I love about baking,there's always something new to learn!


  1. Wow! They're all amazing!! Anyone would be excstatic to receive a cake such as yours. Very talented! I am inspired, thank you : )

  2. Your cakes (and cupcakes) always look so professional. I swear you could start a business!

    1. Thank you Jo! Its more a serious hobby at the moment but I am thinking about taking it further :)

  3. Such beautiful cakes, they are all fabulous! I love the Bingo 60th cake, it is such a sweet idea!


Please feel free to comment and let me know you were here,I value feedback from anyone that stops by!

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