Chocolate fudge cake... Mikado style!

It feels like forever since I made a chocolate cake. Of course it isn't that long. I have been leaning alot towards cupcakes lately,it has to be time for a cake doesn't it?! Not that I'm trying to convince anyone!

Chocolate fudge cake

Ive been wanting to make this cake for quite some time now.
You know when an idea pops into your head,and you tell yourself that 1 day you'll do it?
That's what this was.
Ever since I first made the Kit Kat cake (which I have made many times now and really should update in a new post!) Ive had my eyes peeled looking for things I can wrap around cakes.
I havent seen a Mikado covered cake before but im sure im not the first to do it.
Please let me know if youve seen what im missing!

I decided to go for Mary Berry's Very best chocolate fudge cake with the Great British bake off being in full swing and my hubby and I being glued to the tv every Tuesday evening,it was meant to be.
I actually think he only watches it so that he create an even longer list of things he wants me to bake.
Treacle tart is the latest addition to that list by the way.

Anyway,I wont copy down the recipe here as i followed the method exactly. (shock horror i know)
Don't mess with perfection Mrs Hart!
The only thing I did differently,was to make 3 6inch layers rather than the 2 8inch layers as Mary does.
Oh and I didn't use jam either. This cake is pure chocolate and lots of it!
Of course if you decided to give this cake a go then ANY cake recipe is fine as the base.
I can highly recommend this one though and ill definitely be making it again.

I covered the top in chocolate shavings and then thoroughly enjoyed wrapping it in the chocolate Mikado sticks.
It actually took exactly 3 boxes to cover the entire cake,though I opened 4 boxes.
Quality control you see,those sticks are addictive so nice!

Chocolate fudge cake...

Chocolate fudge cake... Mikado style!

Chocolate fudge cake... Mikado style!

I hope you like it!


  1. I loveee Mikado - I can't open a box without eating the whole thing! They look really good around the cake!

  2. What a brilliant idea using Mikado! I want to make this cake too!! I still have a box of chocolate fingers that I have not gotten round to using after seeing your Jubilee cake!

    1. Id wanted to make this for so wasn't easy trying to keep the kids from taking a sneaky mikado each time they walked by! Let me know if you make it I'd love to see x


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