Twinkle star cupcakes and my 1st Christmas cake!

I took a break today from the shopping and being up to my eyes in wrapping paper to make some Christmas themed cupcakes.
About time too I think...Ive had so many bakes in my mind that I've been wanting to get on with.
But like everyone else at this time of year, there's just so much to do.
I decided on classic vanilla today,with some very sparkly star decorations...

Twinkle star cupcakes

I got the inspiration from Victoria of Victorious Cupcakes,very talented lady!

I used a basic buttercream recipe,that I use quite often.
Here's a reminder.

150g unsalted softened butter (I tend to use Lurpak)
350g sifted icing sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
a tablespoon or 2 of milk,if needed

Beat together the butter and icing sugar,using an electric whisk if you have 1.
I let my stand mixer do the work for me and just leave it on high speed for around 5 minutes.

It will eventually become very smooth and pale in colour,add in the vanilla.
If you find it a little thick,add 1 tablespoon at a time of milk and beat again.
Repeat this until you reach the consistency that you need.

I then sit my piping bag into a tall glass,making a cuff..and pile in the buttercream.
For these cupcakes I used my trusty 'Lakeland' nozzle.

I topped the swirls with cut out stars that id covered in edible glitter.

Twinkle star cupcakes

I have to show you my son and my daughters go at piping....

not bad at all for a 1st attempt!

Ive been thinking up some cupcake flavours to make over the next week or so,
and with a little help from hubby I do have a couple or more to try.
Any suggestions anyone?
Well,in the meantime...I wanted to show you my very 1st ever Christmas cake!

Christmas fruit cake

Christmas fruit cake
Any excuse for glitter!

Christmas fruit cake

I'm very proud of it for a 1st go! I didn't make the santa or snowman but I DID make everything else.

I absolutely have to finish my Christmas shopping this week, and once I do I'm going to be in top baking form! That's the plan!

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  1. These look beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I’m following your blog now, here’s my baking blog if you’re interested =)


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