Chocolate sprinkle to me!

Ever heard of it? I hadn't,not until very recently.
I was browsing 1 of my very favourite blogs Sweetapolita when i came across the recipe for it.
If you haven't already,then pay her a visit..shes amazingly talented!
Here is my version

Chocolate sprinkle bark

I did change the recipe a little,omitting the cake batter and using more chocolate.
Much. More!
I used a quite large baking tray, 13 x 9 inches and a whopping 900grams of chocolate in total!
Next time i think ill either use a smaller tray or make thinner layers.
To the dismay of my daughter! 
She loved this the most just the way it was and every time she opened the fridge just couldn't resist 
'1 more piece'
Its very simple to make,and as Sweetapolita says herself...the possibilities are endless.
Add marshmallows,fudge pieces,sweets of all kinds and the sprinkles! Well take your pick!

So heres how I made chocolate sprinkle bark.

600g white chocolate
300g dark chocolate
Lots of any kind of sprinkles you like.

After lining my baking tray with parchment paper,I started with melting 300 grams of the white chocolate. 
To save time and make this even quicker than it already is,i melted it in short bursts in the microwave keeping a very close eye on it. Its very easy to burn it so be careful!

Then I poured it into the tray and spread it around with a spatula.
Dont try to smooth it out too this case 'imperfect' is perfect!

Pop the tray into the freezer,and while its in there do exactly the same with the dark chocolate.
Melting it in short bursts with 1 eye on it....or both :)

Take the tray from the freezer and pour the dark chocolate over the the same way as before.

You can tell from the photos that yet again,i was in the kitchen at daft o'clock!

 Pop it back into the freezer and repeat the whole white chocolate process again with the remaining 300 grams.
 Pour it over the dark chocolate when its melted.
 So now there are 3 layers of chocoholics delight!
Very quickly after pouring on the last layer of white chocolate,sprinkle on the sprinkles.
I found it starting to set very fast and I wasnt quite quick enough...but no matter.

Bowl of sprinkles

I chose a mixture of the brightest colours I had.

Chocolate sprinkle bark
I popped the tray into the fridge (it was probably around 2am by this time) and left it to set until the morning.
Then I had great fun smashing/breaking it into pieces.

Chocolate sprinkle bark

No,I didnt leave the pieces that big...though the kids certainly would have liked me to!

Chocolate sprinkle bark

This is more like it!
You can see how thick the layers are so for sure it will be thinner next time.
There will be a nest time i promise you.

So there it is...very simple but striking.
Thank you to Sweetapolita for sharing and giving me the inspiration.


  1. A chocolate sandwich - how brilliant is that? Answer = very.

  2. I'm going to have to make this for my knitting group! They'll all swoon and want to kill me! :) But I'll have to do it before Jan. 1 when they all get super serious about dieting...sigh. This happens every single year. Everyone brings veggies (no dips) to nibble on while we knit. Not a sweet in sight! Love the sprinkle colors you used!

  3. Christine give it a go,it's super easy...and they'll love it!
    Ive made it again since with dark,milk and plain chocolate then i let the kids go wild with the sprinkles! :)


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