Food Bloggers Unplugged

This is a really fun tagging game and a great way to learn a little more about our fellow bloggers.
The idea came from Susan over at A little bit of heaven on a plate.
Jo from What do you make of my cake tagged me,thank you Jo!
So this is my ramble!

1. What, or who inspired you to start a blog? 
It was actually my family,as my baking moved from being a 'now and again' treat to a more serious hobby..more and more people started testing the goods. A few people had suggested a blog or site of some sort,but it was my family that ultimately made my mind up for me. I'm glad I did,i really enjoy it.
I am re-arranging it alot lately,so don't worry if it looks a little strange now and then. 
Once I settle on a design i really like then ill stick with it!

2. Who is your foodie inspiration?
This is a toughie,I cant name a particular person but my kids roll out lots and lots of ideas...not all of them practical i must add! 
I do find lots of inspiration from other baking bloggers though!

3. Your greasiest, batter-splattered food/drink book is?
Rachel Allen's 'Bake' most definitely.

4. Tell us all about the best thing you have ever eaten in another country, where was it, what was it?I haven't been abroad for a very long time and I was young. But I do remember trying caviar in France and it was uhm...not. nice.

5. Another food blogger's table you'd like to eat at is?
Oh my,can I pick 10?! Ok just 2?!
Sweetapolita is a firm favourite,very talented lady. Every course I would want to be cake!
 Maureen from The orgasmic chef makes me hungry with every post!

6.What is the one kitchen gadget you would ask Santa for this year (money no object of course)?
 A kitchen aid please. Pretty please.

7. Who taught you how to cook?
I'm ashamed to say i cant cook..wont cook. 
My wonderful hubby does the cooking and i take care of the baking!

8. I'm coming to you for dinner, what's your signature dish?
Oh dear...would you eat cake for dinner? Why not! 

9. What is your guilty food pleasure
I have a thing for salad cream,on pretty much anything.
I eat alot of pasta too...I can just about cook that :)

10. Reveal something about yourself that others would be surprised to learn?
I never rely on my own taste buds when I'm baking...I don't trust them.
I rarely even eat any of it at all,I'm a baker without a sweet tooth!
My main tasting critic is my hubby...and hes very honest!
Which is the best thing!

I hope you found even a part of that interesting.

Now to pass this on to 5 other foodie bloggers and see if they accept my challenge to pass it on too!


  1. Thanks for taking part and revealing more about you!
    Sweetapolita! I heart that blog, its fabulous! x

  2. Isnt it just! I love your blog too...sorry i havent been along before but i shall be a regular visitor :)
    Thank you for starting this,its such a good idea! xx

  3. This is fun, good to hear a bit more about you. Am now off to investigate a couple of blogs I've not heard of before.

  4. I would definitely have cake for dinner at your house! It's quite funny to discover that a few of us who have answered this quiz don't think we're good cooks. It would make an interesting Come Dine With Me experience if we all got together!

  5. So lovely to hear more about you. I can't believe you're a baker without a sweet tooth! Your bakes look amazing. I'd have cake for dinner, can I please come over? ;)

  6. @Jo..There should be a 'Come cake with me' lol that would take off! And really...I am a bad cook,hubby will vouch for that!
    @Baking Addict absolutely you can come be quick though! :)
    @Chocolette...Ive come across some new to me blogs too :)


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