Cake plans for my birthday boy....wish me luck!

Big cakes make me a little nervous...and this 1 is my youngest sons 12th birthday cake!
Now I'm not the worlds best planner (I know,i had a year) so right up until a few days before the event i only had a vague idea of what i was going to do.
Hes at that age where he isn't really into anything in a big know the
'Mum! I'm not a little boy anymore' stage but not quite a teenager either!
So i went for a cake decorating wise safe option...very safe! I contacted Bekkie at Edible Prints and asked about having a photo topper made.
She was incredibly helpful and completely understood my rambling emails,putting me right at ease.
Sorted...just the CAKE then! Hmmm. Ermmm.
Only a few days to go so couldn't be too adventurous,plus..1 kid doesn't like this another isn't keen on that!
Arggg,baking for my own should be easier! Right? Noooo.

A chocolate and vanilla cake it had to be,safe again.
So the big day is tomorrow...actually today as it past midnight!
I'm assembling it as we speak...well I'm taking a little break while its chilling in the fridge.
Ive just put on the crumb coat with chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream...yum!

I should be called little miss last minute huh!
So cross your fingers for me,too late now if i have a terrible disaster.

I will let you know in the next few days how it went,if photos are absent then that will explain all!
Confidence girl. Confidence :)

P.s... Here's a sneak peek example of biscuits i made using some of the toppers from edible prints.

I figured the cake is plenty enough without making the cupcakes id planned to make too.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)


Please feel free to comment and let me know you were here,I value feedback from anyone that stops by!

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