We should cocoa...Chocolate and apricot cake,Fail!

Oh did I ever have problems with this one!
When I saw this months We should cocoa challenge,I was a little worried.
Apricots...I don't like them,and had no idea what I was going to make.
I even put it off,and left it until almost the last minute to put something together.
I don't think I should have bothered as it was a disaster!
Seeing as I followed the recipe exactly (which I usually don't do) I really don't know what I did wrong.

It was wet,as in wet! I tried leaving it to bake a little longer,turning the oven down...still wet!
I had to cover the top with foil because it was going too dark. I couldn't win.
So I have to put this months challenge down as a failure and hope I will be more successful next month.
I wont post the recipe,but you can find it HERE.

Not good :(

Doesn't look anything like it should.
Hubby asked me how much oil id put in it...none was the answer!
I wasn't even going to post it...but everybody has a blip now and again don't they!? 
They do... don't they?


  1. Aww.. c'mere and I'll give you a cuddle. Everyone needs to feed the garbage disposal from time to time. It keeps it happy.

    Have a better weekend. :)

  2. I suppose you still ate it.And you know the saying:We will die trying:)

  3. Oh Paula, I'm sorry- its always very disappointing when a cake isn't so successful- I'm full of cake disasters if it helps at all?!

  4. Aww thank you everyone,your all so nice...I feel better now :)

  5. Such a shame :( It's even more frustrating when you know you've followed the recipe exactly. But you're absolutely right, everybody has bad baking days. When that happens I bake something I know really well which always works and is super tasty, just to make up for the previous failure!

  6. Thanks Jo, You're right! I just made coffee cupcakes and they were fab...all better now. Hopefully! :)

  7. I hate to think how many blips I've had, especially for the We Should Cocoa challenges! But I think you're being harsh on yourself, my Hubby and I would still eat it ;0)

  8. Thank you Chele! Maybe..but still,im looking forward to next months! :)

  9. It's so disappointing when things don't turn out how we were hoping - happens to me all the time. For what it's worth, the bit I can see looks good and I'm sure I'd have enjoyed a slice.


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