Chocolate Orange Cupcakes....a big hit!

I've thought about these before,among a million other things!
But a few days ago I spotted from the corner of my eye,a Terry's Chocolate Orange and they popped right back into my head again. All I needed was a recipe.
Well I found 1, on 1 of my favourite blogs Maison Cupcake.
Sarah had made lovely novelty bats with the recipe,for Halloween and although bats aren't quite what I had in mind the recipe seemed just what I was looking for.

The result!

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes Recipe

These were a huge hit!
I actually made a few mistakes with this recipe,totally my fault for changing it up a little and not being organised!
But,you really wouldn't know...they were so lovely.
Even if I do say so myself :)

150g self raising flour,sifted
125g unsalted butter
125g caster sugar
2 eggs
100g milk chocolate (*see below)
130g marmalade (*again,see below)
grated zest and juice of 1 orange

150g butter,softened
300g icing sugar,sifted
1tbsp cocoa powder
grated zest of 1 orange and the juice,though you may not need the whole of the juice.

*My 1st mistake was using milk chocolate, don't ask me why I did that because I've no idea!
Dark would have been much better I'm sure,so if you make them Id suggest you do that.
If you want to obvs.
*The marmalade,oh dear I was disorganised and didn't realise we only had part of a jar in the cupboard.
So i got out what i could (130g) and used the orange instead.
I cant really say that was a huge bad thing.
Onto the baking!
This is how I made them.

Preheat the oven to 180 or gas mark 4 and line the cupcake/muffin tin ready.
Melt the butter and chocolate together in a heatproof bowl,over a pan on a low heat until its all melted and mixed together.
Take it off the heat and then add,the sugar,marmalade,zest,juice and eggs.
Give it all a good mix in and then when its combined,add in the flour a little at a time mixing in between.
Now divide between the paper cases and bake in the oven for 18-20minutes.

I bought some new cupcake cases,lovely brown 1s that I thought would be perfect for these cupcakes.
They were terrible.
They kept pleating when i put the mixture in,even when I used a bigger tin. 
So the 1st 6 I put in anyway in the brown cases,but i made the rest in the usual white 1s I use and they were just fine.
That meant I ended up with mixed sizes...the bigger cupcakes went 1st!
While the cakes are cooling,make the buttercream by whisking the butter,cocoa and icing sugar together furiously.
Add in the orange zest,and just a little of the orange juice at a time (keep whisking)
until you have a lovely smooth creamy,cream!

Now if you know me,I'm any excuse to pipe!
So I used the same piping nozzle as I did for the coffee cupcakes  and piped a cute swirl onto each cake.

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes Recipe

If you aren't into piping you could of course just spread or dollop it on.
Top with a Chocolate Orange slice and hey presto!

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes Recipe

Chocolatey orangey yummyness!
I have to say,that Sarah's looked so much nicer than mine did when they came out of the oven.
I was worried about the chocolate,as they didn't look anything like dark enough..but they were really fine.
They're all gone!

Not as many photos for this 1,I did take them.
But my other mistake was yet again baking at daft o'clock and so as you can see from above,the camera wasn't playing and they were pretty bad.

I've had some lovely feedback for these cupcakes...I have to thank Sarah for that for the inspiration.
Also,I promise to be more organised :)

Now its 3.30am (insomniac) that's my excuse if there are any typo's and I'm going to my bed! zZzzz

Note! I recently updated with a different recipe for chocolate orange cupcakes and you can see it


  1. A big hit>But ofcourse..choccolate and orange is marriage in heaven .Well done;)

  2. Thank you Dzoli...will for sure use dark chocolate next time for a real choccy hit! :)

  3. They look fabulous - think I must come up to you for piping lessons. I'm a recent convert to marmalade cakes, so bet they taste gorgeous.

  4. Thank you choclette! They were rather yummy,and any excuse to pipe, that's me :)

  5. These look really amazing. Thank you for posting such a detailed method - I prefer to read someone's method from a first attempt as you learn a lot for yourself when baking them.

    I love your choc orange decoration, but I think I'm going to decorate mine with little jelly orange sweets :) I'd be scared the chocolate would fall off.

  6. Thank you Anna! It was a little awkward getting the chocolate to stay so jelly sweets are a good idea :) Alot of the things I post are 1st attempts, it's the best way to learn. Let me know if you make them I'd love to see!

  7. These look fab!! Am going to make some for the hubby as he loves choc orange :0)

  8. took these to work today and they loved them - thanks x

  9. These look fantastic! I've recently made some chocolate orange cupcakes with Cointreau ganache...any excuse to use Cointreau! :-)


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