Strawberry shortcake gateau…yet another 1st!

The inspiration for todays baking came from Choclette's Chocolate Log Blog and this months challenge for We should cocoa
I haven't entered before,so i thought it might be fun to give it a try and join in.
Strawberries aren't something I've played around with much,so today i tried 2 separate recipes.
I'm not sure yet if either of my attempts will be my actual entry. Ill see if i can come up with anything else then decide.

My 1st bake of the day was a Strawberry shortcake gateau and the 2nd was a Strawberry shortbread stack which i will show to you in a separate blog post a little later!

Strawberry shortcake gateau

You will need
200g fresh hulled strawberries
225g self raising flour
2tsp baking powder
75g unsalted butter
40g caster sugar
1 beaten egg
2tbsp milk
250ml double cream
Icing sugar for dusting

Preheat the oven to 220 or gas mark 7 and grease/line 2 shallow 8inch round tins.

Slice 4 of the strawberries in half and put the 8 halves to 1 side. Slice the rest of the strawberries into quite thick slices and also put those aside until needed.


To make the shortcake,sift the flour and baking powder into a bowl then rub in the butter until you have ‘breadcrumbs’ I used a pastry blender to do this its much easier (and less messy!)

Now add the egg and half of the milk and bring the mixture together together to form a soft pliable dough…using the rest of the milk if you need to.
Turn out the dough onto a lightly floured surface,roll it out a little and cut into 2 equal halves.



Roll out each half to the size of the prepared tins,marking 1 into 8 pieces then transfer them into the tins.

Strawberry shortcake gateau

Pop into the oven for 15minutes.

When the baked shortcake is ready and cooling on a cooling rack,move onto preparing the yummy filling.
Whip the double cream until it can hold peaks and then leaving a little over (for the top) layer the bottom half of the shortcake with lashings of the cream.

Strawberry shortcake gateau

Strawberry shortcake gateau

In hindsight,i think i very slightly over whipped the cream it wasn't as soft as id have liked.
Then cover this with a layer of the chunky sliced strawberries.

Strawberry shortcake gateau

Cut the top half of the shortcake into the 8 marked pieces and place them on top. (don't worry if they don't slot on perfectly)


Dust the top with the icing sugar and then with the remainder of the whipped cream,i piped onto each slice of cake and topped with the strawberry halves.

Strawberry shortcake gateau

All done and ready to devour!

Strawberry shortcake gateau

A lovely light and summery treat!

I took the recipe from the book shown below and just very slightly adapted it.


  1. Another fantastic strawberry recipe from you. I might just be turning up for tea at this rate. It would be great if you entered We Should Cocoa, but you do need to have chocolate in the recipe somewhere - unless I've missed it?

  2. No no you didnt miss it :) Silly me only realised that afterwards haha but its ok ive got a few more ideas up my sleeve so i will be entering! Thanks for stopping by!


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